Ambassadors of Aranjuez

As a group of students of Tourism, we are proud to have been involved in this Project and to have become Aranjuez Young Ambassadors to help in the dissemination of Aranjuez Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage Site. We believe, as students, that knowing about the city contributes to its proper preservation and sustainable development  and tourism, from an economic, social and environmental point of view.


Aranjuez Ambassadors:

  • Bea García García
  • Carlos González
  • Diana Ramos Milla
  • Edward Rubio Guzmán
  • Fátima Silva da Silva
  • Fátima Pliego Simón
  • Juan José López
  • Meritxel Hoyos
  • Elena Andrea Agapescu
  • María Cantador Gallego