The Ambassadors

Do you want to know about the ambassadors who joined in this 1st encounter in the city of Aranjuez?

Let us show you who are them in detail:

Aranjuez, Spain

The host city was not represented by a single ambassador. Meet the young people of Aranjuez who represented their city in the first meeting. Do you want to meet this amazing team?


Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal

André Mendes comes from Angra do Heroísmo, placed in the portuguese islands of Azores. Do you want to know more about his profile? Let’s see inside…


Cidade Velha, Cabo Verde

Víctor Lopes is the ambassador for the longest city from Aranjuez of this meeting. He comes from Cidade Velha, from a beautiful island with many things to discover. Check out inside more things about him…


Córdoba, Spain

María del Pilar Buzón, graduated in History of Art by the University of Cordoba represent a beautiful city of three cultures: muslim, jews and christians.


Ibiza, Spain

Mónica Boned represent to the white island of Ibiza, the western island of the Balearic archipelago. Let’s discover something else about her inside…



Segovia, Spain

Mónica Fraile is an student of International Relations who has came to represent one of most famous cities of Spain: Segovia. Do you want to know more about her?


Vienna, Austria

Dominik Draxler is who represent to Vienna. His profile is highlighted by many things, but above all a good speaker of English, Spanish and of course his mother tongue: German. Know more about him…